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Morning Prayer: Father, this week, give me a testimony that will shut the mouth of those mocking me.

Faithful God, blessed be your holy name. I thank you for my life today and for the grace to see the light of a new day. Father, the Bible reveals that Hannah was mocked by her co-wife to the extent that she refused to go back to her husband's house. She stayed back in the house of God and prayed a fervent prayer. Oh, Lord, you heard her cry and blessed her with a child. In my case, where I have been mocked, I ask for a testimony that will close the mouth of those who are mocking me. Just as you made Hannah fruitful after years of barrenness, Oh, God, make me fruitful as well in every area I have been experiencing barrenness, in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, Sarah's laughter after you gave her the message of hope could not stop you from fulfilling the promise you made to her, Oh, Lord, Let not my doubts and unbelief hinder your miracle and promises in my life. You punish the King of Egypt when he mocked your people and refused to let them go to their land of promise, arise and punish every mouth that is mocking me, in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, there nothing is too hard for you to do, and your words have never fail nor expires. Hence, I ask for restoration upon my life, Oh, Lord, restore all my wasted efforts, time, and resources that yielded no results in the past for It is never too late. Oh, God, you can still do miracles in my case as you did for Sarah. Just as Pharoh could not stop the Exodus of the Israelites, I believe no power can stop me as long as you are with me. Joseph's brothers could not stop his destiny even after selling him into slavery, Father Lord, I am sure that no power can stop me now that you are with me until victory is assured, I ask that you surround me with your presence, and perfect all that concerns me, in the name of Jesus.

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Hannah Morning Prayer


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