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Meet The Tribe That Allows Bride's Aunt To Confirm Groom's Potency Before Marriage (PHOTOS)

Africa is a continent rich in different cultures, traditions, languages and perceptions of beauty. With many different tribes across the continent, beauty trends and ideals vary.

There are some strange attachments to some African cultures and one of such culture is the Banyankole Tribe.

The Banyankole are located in southwestern Uganda. They speak a Bantu language called Runyankole. The majority of Banyankole today are Christians. They belong to major world denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church, or the Church of Uganda, which is Anglican. Fundamental Christianity, such as Evangelicalism, is also common.

In the Banyankole Tribe, when a couple is about to get married, the Aunt of the bride will first become intimate with the Groom to confirm he is potent and also to confirm his performance on bed. Not only that, the Aunt also confirms if the Bride is still untouched.

This is surprising.

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