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Why muslims are better than christians according to Bishop Sam Zuga, he gave the 10 reasons


Bishop Sam Zuga is a Nigeria cleric, and he belong to the church named the House of Joy Ministry in Benue state,

Recently he made a serious comment about the two main religion in Nigeria and this earn him a heavily criticism online by some internet users after making a huge statement on social media. 

The cleric said Muslims are way better than Christians as he mentioned his reasons which i listed below.

*. You can find the holy Quran in just one version, is only translated to different languages, but the holy Bible has more than ten versions in English . 

*. Most People take the name of Mohammed in the world, more than they use Emmanuel.

*. Mohammed was born in 571 AD, Jesus Christ is 571 years older than Mohammed, but still Muslims are competing with Christians in population how come?

*. A good Muslims pray five times in a day, most Christians pray only Sunday to sunday in church, some don't even pray at all. 

*. A true Quran believer always study and know Bible, even more than many Christians but most Christian don't even have Bible at all to talk of reading it.

*. When you decide to join the Islamic religion, you will be accepted and they will treat you with love where Muslims are,

But Christians will first ask you the church you are from? and at that point you will have to tell them if you have come to stay or not. I once choose to accept the offer for free medical treatment exercise in many mosques and preached in many, most Muslims do attend my church services all over the world, Christians can't do that to a Muslim.

*. Real Muslims do pray in any mosque or any place they see when is time for prayer, Christians do select church because they believe some church are dangerous.

*. During Ramadan period, they is when Muslims are fasting, the whole world will know because they all participate, irrespective of the odd, it used to affect so many things, there is nothing in similar among we Christians all over the world, even in a small village they are still separated.

*. In every situation when you are with a Muslims the moment you mention Gods name, a Muslim will trust you and give you attention, he will go ahead and introduce you to other members and whatever he mention about you they will believe him.

If you mention God to a Christian, you become a great suspect, that is when they will summon the council of elders to interrogate you to know the type of God you are talking about, maybe is a Catholic Church God, Anglican, CAC or Deeper life.

Muslims also have odds like Christians, but if you do not investigate them, you may not notice, but as of we Christians we can condem each other in public. And also you can never hear about a fake imams or alfa but fake pastor are so common now a days.

****what do you think about his view, please let us know in the comment section below

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