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The Death of Angel Jibreel (part 2)

This article is aim to continue from where the part one of the birth and death of angel Jibreel has stopped, which ended with the greatest tasks of Jibreel (as).

In the narration of Alqadi Iyadh he described an incident in which the prophet (saw) said to Jibreel (as) You know in the Quran Allah says "We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds, did any of my mercy reach you, I mean you are part of the world and part of the realm of angels, and Jibreel (as) responded and said " I swear by Allah you are the most beloved of the prophets to me I have never been sent to someone I have loved more than I loved you and it was through you that I gained security I used to wonder about my fate until Allah revealed to you that he Jibreel has established his position with the owner of the Throne.

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When the death of the prophet (saw) was near he came to the prophet (saw) and said: Iam here to give you a choice either you can choose to remain among your companions and live well or you can have the companionship of the Most High and the prophet (saw) responded I want the companionship of the Most High, I want the companionship of the Most High.

Aisha (r a) said his soul left his body as he was saying the Most High, the companionship of the Most High his hand fell and the prophet (sa) died.

The Death of Jibreel (AS)

The prophet (saw) said after the horn is blown and the only ones that stand are the ones that your Lord willed, Allah SWT will have in front of Him Jibreel, Israfeel, Mikail, and angel of death. Those who apportion the command of Allah and Allah asks the angel of death who remain and he says O Allah Your Noble Face, your servant me, your servant Mikail, your servant Israfeel, and your servant Jibreel, Allah says take the soul of Mikail.

Then Allah says who remain he Azrail said O Allah You, me, Jibreel and Israfeel. And Allah says take the soul of Israfeel and Israfeel's soul is taken and Allah says who remain O Allah Your Noble Face, me and Jibreel.And Allah says take the soul of Jibreel.

The prophet (saw) said Jibreel would fall on his face as his wings spread glorifying Allah the Most High. He would die in Tasbih, subhanallah. Then Allah says who remain. O Allah it's just me and You, and Allah says to the angel of death to die and he dies.

And then Allah SWT says Every single soul perishes. And only the Noble Face of Your Lord remain, and Allah SWT would ask Himself " To Whom Belong The Dominion Today ? " Allah SWT says to Himself " To Allah The One, The Subduer"

On The Judgement Day

The prophet (saw) said As we all come back, the earth is flattened out of the glory and obedience to Allah SWT and each and every single person will not be able to move from the spot that they are standing in the place of assembly. And I would be the first person to be called to Allah and fall in prostration.

When I raise my head and suddenly see Jibreel (as) on the right side of the Most Merciful and you know what he says in this " I swear by Allah Jibreel never saw Allah before that Day.

This is where we come to the end of this amazing story of the Birth and Death of Angel Jibreel.

May Allah guide us, and protect us.

Stay home stay safe.

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