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Joseph Prince Releases A Prophecy About The Return Of Jesus Christ

The return of Jesus is closer than we can imagine. I know you might have heard it many times, and you might not take it seriously anymore, but it's true.

The senior pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore, Pastor Joseph Prince, has released a prophecy that talks about this event.

Prophecy, according to the Bible, is the unfolding of God's plans to the world. It is normally revealed to a servant of God who declares it. In the old testament, God took the business of speaking for him seriously, and he commanded the people of Israel to put to death anyone who made a false prophecy, as the false prophet would be hurting the integrity of his name.

In a video on the church's official Instagram page, he said that the church of Jesus is entering into midday, which is the brightest time on God's prophetic timetable. He also prophecied that many people shall be saved this year.

You will recall in an earlier article, that Pastor Prince revealed that the reason the return of Jesus is delayed is because God wants more people to hear the gospel and come to salvation. Perhaps this is all connected. The signs around us inform us that we are living in the last days. But if Jesus will return, the gospel of the kingdom will have to be preached to the ends of the earth for a witness to everyone. If more people are saved this year, perhaps it will mean that the return of the Lord will shift closer.

I know that people who have been looking forward to the return of Jesus will be excited to hear this words. Are you one of them? Let's hear what you think in the comments. Be blessed.

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