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Say these 2 Short Prayers For Open Doors Of blessings

-Oh God, Thank you for bringing into the last two days of April. Heavenly Father, before I enter another new month, shower your blessings for me today so that I may use it to give testimony to glorify the goodness of your work that opens my life. Lord Jesus, I will not go empty-handed into May in the mighty me of Jesus. I and my family will never cry or go empty-handed in your presence oh God. Kelly protecting and defending us from all external forces trying to ruin us in the mighty name of Jesus name.

-Oh heavenly father, I will continue to obey your word at any time. Give me the courage Lord to teach your word to no believers in Jesus' name. As we are going to sleep now father, send your Angels tonight to give us peace in our daily activities in Jesus' name. You will continue to bless each and everyone in my family in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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