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5 Signs Your Church Pastor Is Fake, Take Note

Many of the churches today are "controlled" by fake prophets, pastors, ministers, and whatever names they give to themselves. Many of them are not called by God, but they claim to have been called by God. Some even prophesy, "wrath" miracles, amongst others, using the power of the dark world.

Many people so called Christians rush to these type of churches, looking for miracles, or just there because they give them what they want. Their churches are always full to the brim, and as a genuine Christian, you begin to wonder if the members are charmed.

There are many signs that a pastor is fake, but we'd be discussing only 5 here.

1. They Only Preach Prosperity

If you are in a church where the pastor only preaches about prosperity, then you may be in the wrong place. A pastor who does not preach salvation is only a fake pastor. If members cannot come to church and listen to a sermon that would almost make them shed tears, or that would minister to them, or bring them to the path of salvation, then the pastor may be fake. 

Fake pastors know what the people want to listen to, so they give it to them. They only talk about money, fame, progress, and run away from preaching salvation. They don't forget to remind you to pay your tithe though.

2. You Pay Them For Prayers

Any pastor that asks you to bring money so that your prayers can be answered is not only fake but a fraud. There is a difference in you paying your offering and tithe, and paying for prayers. If you are the type who pays for prayers, then you can be sure you have been scammed. No man called by God will ask you to pay for miracles, for prayers, for anything.

3. They Don't Pray In The Name Of Jesus

There are some pastors who will never pray in the name of Jesus. While some pray in the name of Jesus, they will never use the name when they are performing miracles. They just speak in an unknown language and command as if they are God. You may suspect these ones too to be fake.

4. They Boast In Themselves

This one is very common. You find some pastors boast in themselves, telling you they can do this and that. They make it look like they are so powerful. Of course, you should know already that they are fake. 

5. They Involve Themselves In Immoral Acts

These are the type of ministers you find indulging themselves in sinful acts, and yet, they tell you they are led to do so. Led to sin? Yet, you find people following these ones. Just imagine a pastor who says he is directed to commit fornication or adultery in the name of performing a miracle.

Here are five signs I could come up with. Do you have any? You can share with us using the comment box.

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