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Statue Of Virgin Mary Beheaded At Catholic Church

A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was erected in a Catholic church in the US was found beheaded before mass.

The statue which was 5 feet tall was found on the ground of the garden of St. Stephen's Catholic Church, Tennessee where it was standing, with the head and body apart.

According to the director of Diocese of Knoxville:

"Anytime a thing like this happens, it is concerning and disappointing. We don't know if this was a targeted desecration of our Sacred statue and our Catholic faith, or some sort of misguided prank, but it really hurts"

"For whatever reason, we're living in a very chaotic period and anger seems to be the default settings of some people. Our Bishop has asked that we live by the example set in the gospel book of Matthew, which is to treat others how we want ourselves to be treated too" - He added.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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