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5 Bible Verses You Should Read Before You Sleep At Night.

The Night is a period designed by God for rest, renewal and regeneration, but it is also a time that demonic powers carry out their evil activities against people, and this is one of the reasons why God instructed to read and meditate in his law (God's word) written in the Holy Bible, in the day and also in the Night. 

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Since death and life are in the power of the tongue, reading and declaring the word of God which according to John 6:63 is spirit and life, over your life will both build you up and establish his promise in your life, and wherever the word of a King is, his power will always be present (Ecclesiastes 8:4), and according to Psalm 5:2, God is our King, and wherever his word is declared, his power is always present to back what his word says, and this is why I want to share with you some Bible verses which contain God's word that you should read before sleeping at night.

Here are five Bible verses you should read before you sleep at night. 

1. Psalm 3:8.

According to the Bible verse given above, salvation belongs to God, and his blessing is released upon his people. This means that you acknowledged that only God can give salvation because it always belongs to him, and he gives his blessing to his people, and according to Proverbs 10:22, God's blessing makes rich and he does not add sorrow with it, and since you are one of God's people and have his Spirit dwelling inside you, you should declare this Bible verses over your life and claim the salvation and blessing it says.

2. Isaiah 54:17.

The Bible verse above reveals God's promise which says no weapon formed against you shall prosper or hurt you, and every tongue that rises against you in judgement in other to judge you will be condemned by you because it is your heritage from the Lord, and your righteousness comes from him (God). This means that you have a heritage from the Lord because you have confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord, his righteousness becomes yours and no weapon designed by the enemy can work against you. So you should claim the words in the Bible verse, and declare it to have it established upon your life.

3. Psalm 91:10

The above Bible verse reveals that no evil will befall you and no plague (disease) will come near the place you live. Since evil can happen in the day or at night, you should read and declare the words of the promise given in this verse and claim it over your life so that as you sleep, God will ensure that no evil befalls you and no plague come closer to where you dwell.

4. Isaiah 40:31.

According to the above Bible verse, those who wait on the Lord shall have their strength renewed, and they will run without being weary and walk and won't faint. This means creating time before sleeping at night to wait on the Lord for renewal of strength will make the Lord strengthen you afresh by his Spirit in your inner man. You should therefore read the verse and declare it upon your life believing the Lord to renew your strength through the night and make you wake up refreshed and renewed.

5. Psalm 121:6.

This verse above reveals that the sun will not smite you by the day, and the moon will not smite you by night, and since these two entities rule over the day and night, you should read and declare the verse to claim what God says they will not do to you in the day and the night.

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