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Check Out The 3 Most Popular Religion In The World And Their Population

There are many of religions in the world, but the three most popular are listed below.

1. The Christian faith

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is one of the world's oldest religions. With around 2.4 billion Christians, it is the world's largest religion (followers of Jesus Christ).

The Bible is the Christian sacred book, which is divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is made up of 39 books and contains lessons given by prophets before to the arrival of Jesus Christ. The New Testament, on the other hand, is made up of 27 books and contains lessons imparted during Christ's life and after his death.

2. Islam

Islam is an Abrahamic religion that promotes peace, faith, and other virtues. If you are a Muslim (believer in Islam), you must understand that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a divine messenger.

Islam was founded in Mecca in the early seventh century, and it is currently the world's second largest religion, with approximately 1.8 billion Muslims. The Al Qur'an is Islam's sacred book, and it contains 114 chapters.

3. Hinduism

Hinduism is thought to be the world's oldest religion, having started in India. It has a population of around 1.25 billion Hindus (followers of Hinduism).

There are no undeniable religious authorities, holy books, or prophets in Hinduism. You can be polytheistic, pantheistic, atheistic, humanist, or any combination of these.

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