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3 important things Pastor Enenche says about standing before God

Pastor Paul Enenche has explained the important things that Christians should know about standing before God in prayers. During his message at his church headquarters, Pastor Enenche revealed the importance of prayers and seeking the face of God through prayers and supplications. Prayer is the means of seeking God's face. We also pray to thank God for what He did for us and for what He will do. Many people have different purposes for praying to God.

Preaching during the 'Early will I seek you' morning programme at the Church headquarters, the founder and General Overseer of the Dunamis International Gospel Center told his congregation that they are in Church to seek to face of God and to effortlessly take charge of affairs of life and not to be victims.

Pastor Paul Enenche preached on the message titled: "Standing Before God." He stated that prayers make us to stand over challenges of life. He told his congregation that as Christians, they should know that they are qualified to stand before their Father, God, and ask whatever they want from God without fear of anything. He added that standing before God is standing in powers and covers fear.

In this article, we will look at three important things Pastor Paul Enenche told his congregation about standing before God.

1. You Are Qualified To Speak On God face:

The General Overseer of the Dunamis International Gospel Center told his congregation that they are qualified to speak on God's behalf here on earth because they are saved from sins and are representatives of God. He said, they should know their position as children of God and never allow anything discourage them from exercising the authority they have as God's children.

2. When You Stand Before The Lord, You Face What Others Fear And You Stay In Charge Effortlessly:

Pastor Enenche further said that when a "born again" Christian stand before God, he face what other people will be afraid of. He said a child of God is in charge of things around him effortlessly.

3. You Stand In Power Not In Defeat Or Weakness When You Stand Before The Lord:

Another important thing Pastor Enenche said during his message at his Church headquarters was that, a child of God always stand in Power and not in defeat or weakness.

He encouraged his congregation to know their position in God and never allow anything take the position of God in their lives.

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