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Run For Your Life Ministry And Other Funny Church Names In Nigeria — Photos

The rate at which religious churches opens in Nigeria is high. It has become quite noticeable in our society today. You can take your time to travel over the country to see some of those churches. 

In our society today you cannot travel for 1 kilometer without seeing another church building or congregation. The main issue is not about the churches but those who believe and follow their teachings. 

Their is freedom of worship, so every is free to worship what he or she believed in. I think this freedom have been abused to some extent by the people or the churches. 

Some of the names given to these churches are quite funny and controversial. I travelled around to collect some hilarious churches names that might make you to laugh longer. 

Here are some of the names of churches I collected :

#1. Run For Your Life Ministry

#2. Barking Methodist Church 

#3. Laboratory Church Of God

#4. Run For Your Life International Chapel

#5. Prison Break

#6. Who Are You To Jesus Ministry

#7. The Devil's Hunter Ministry

#8. Demons Funeral Service

#9. Occupy Till I Come Deliverance Ministry

Here are some of their photos below ;

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Barking Methodist Church Demons Funeral Service Laboratory Church Of God Nigeria Run For Your Life


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