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Charles Awuzie to Bishop Oyedepo: "Will you die if you stop collecting tithes?"

Charles Awuzie is a Cyber-Security Expert, CEO of Gemsbok Group, who lives in South Africa. He took to his verified Facebook page, to call out on Bishop Oyedepo concerning the tithe saga.

Anytime you are afraid of a pastor cursing you, remember that Oyedepo cursed Boko Haram 6 years ago. But the evil leader of Boko Haram has outlived some members of the his church. Suleiman cursed El-Rufai but El-Rufai keeps making waves in politics.

Listen, Jesus became curse for ALL MEN for it is written, cursed is the one who hangs on the tree. In this dispensation, anyone cursing you is wasting their time. Calm down and learn Truth.

I have one question for Bishop Oyedepo, "Will you die if you stop collecting tithes?" 

Now your Christians that once honor you, are now rebelling against you. Even one of your Pastors chatted me up. 

An Assistant Pastor in Winners' Chapel contacted me and said he has stopped tithing. He once attacked me and called me names. 

I was shocked to hear him say that, he realized that there's a difference between the Jewish old religious testament and the new dispensation of Christ. He even shared heavy rhema with me, and I told him "flesh and blood didn't reveal this to you".

But he also asked me... "My brother, does it mean that our fathers don't know this simple truth - that we are not Jews, and were never even asked to worship with tithe but with our hearts? ". I said to him "focus on Jesus, leave the fathers alone." 

Guys, the truth is now walking naked on the streets. Hate us, scandalize us or kill us, the truth is OUT. If we die now, we died too late. Just calm down and realize that the owner of the church has come to take back His church. This is like rapture - you can't fight it. Christ is separating the chaff from the grains, the sheep from the wolves, the eagles from the vultures. People are also aligning themselves to the side that best describes their hearts - Truth or mammon. 

I advise you to stop sending people to attack us, calm down and inhale the truth. It won't kill you, it will make you stronger. 

Will you die if you stop collecting tithes? No. God will even open your blocked brain and you will conceive ideas for witty inventions. 

Will you die if you tell people that they shouldn't sow to prosper but give CHEERFULLY? NO. God will even connect you to cheerful givers. Your current givers are all FEARFUL givers. God wants you to repent of using fear of poverty to make them give. That's manipulation.

Let's embrace the truth or the truth will embarrass us. 

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