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Pastor Buys Wheel Chair For Crippled Man That Was Dancing In Church During His Child's Dedication

A day ago, a video surfaced online showing a physically challenged man dancing joyously in church when he took his child to church for dedication.

The man and his wife were looking so excited, and were dancing so freely and happily. Members of the congregation were touched by the man's dancing that some of them went out and started spraying money on him.

Well, this is not the first time we have seen a crippled man or someone with any physical challenges, but what touched people about this man was how grateful he was to God despite his condition. He did not care about his challenge, he did not allow his condition to rob him of his joy, but he poured out his heart in joy to God.

The video of the man went viral, because for one thing, it taught many people a lesson in appreciation. To learn to overlook our challenges, and still be grateful to God for the little things we have.

Because of that act of worship, blessing has come the way of the crippled man. A few hours ago, Warri Aproko Special took to their Facebook page to share the testimony that came the way of the young man this morning.

They shared the story on their page that a Pastor known as Rukendo Peters has bought the young man wheelchair this morning.

They thanked the pastor for this act of kindness and for putting a smile on the face of this family.

They also shared photos of when the wheelchair was presented to the man. Below are the photos:

There are indeed lessons to learn from this man. We do not have reason whatsoever not to be grateful to God. We might not have everything we desire in life. Life might sometimes throw lemons at us instead of apples, but how we choose to react depends on us. The fact that we are alive is enough reason for us to appreciate God.

Thanksgiving has a way of opening more doors for us. When we are grateful for the little things we have, Providence has a way of bringing larger blessings our way, just as it happened for this young man.

We thank Pastor Rukendo Peters for what he has done for this man and his family, and we hope the wheelchair will help him to be more productive in life. And we also appreciate the man's wife for standing by him and loving him despite his challenges. That is what love is love about.

Please drop some kind words for this family, and also thank the pastor for what he did for them. As you do so, please share the article also so that others can contribute too.

Credit: Warri Aproko Special

Content created and supplied by: Richiehenshaw (via Opera News )


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