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The sad story of the first black man to accept islamic religion.

Billal is the first black man to embrace Islam. History have it that Billal originated from abisinya the current city of Ethiopia. He was born into slavery because his mother was Also a slave. When he was given birth to, His mother whispered to his ear saying my son you will not die as a slave and so it was for Billal. He got his freedom during the early age of Islam. Billal revolted and gave up for this world just when he was asked to mutilate a free man just to prove the messageer of Allah wrong who said all men are equal in the sight of the lord irrespective of tribe or race.

Billal was a gentle man and he had a very melodious voice that can traveled farther than our modern speakers. And so, he was granted the position of a muazzin (one who called people to prayer).

When the messenger of Allah passed away, it was as if Billal had lost his voice, unable to speak. He could not stay in Medina any longer.

Abu Bakr the caliph pleaded with him to call the prayer once more. Billal answer was ya Abu Bakr ask me what I wish, for I do not have any strength to call the prayer after the death of the messenger of Allah. Do not force me please let me be. But Abu Bakr wanted to hear once more the beautiful azan which rung out in the days of old. He continue pleading with Billal finally saying, 'after being deprived of their messenger should the nation be deprived of the messenger's Muazzin too?' Billal finally gave in and went up the minaret, trying his utmost to hold back the tears, in order to make the call for the morning prayer. He could not control himself, however , Billal began to wrap, unable to bring himself to call the prayer. Inspite of all efforts, was pressed no further by Abu Bakr in this regard.

Billal could not stay in Medina any longer and the same morning he immediately left for the city of Damascus.

One night he saw the messenger in his dream, and the messenger said to him 'what is this pain?/is it not time for you to visit me?'

Billal woke up in haste and immediately set off into the dessert on his camel. After traveling for many days, he at last reach the radiant city of Medina. He ran straight to the grave of the messenger before anyone could catch sight of him and collapsed on the grave upon reaching it. As he put his head on the grave he started to cry, and said 'I have come O messenger of Allah, I have come!'. Just at that moment, the prophet's grandsons Hassan and Hussayn, come seeing them, Billal rose and embraced them tightly saying 'O the light of the prophet's eyes'.

This is just the tip of an ice of the tales of the black man to accept Islam.

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