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3 Mistakes Many Believers Make When Praying Against Enemies

Today prayers against enemies have become rampant in Christendom. Many believers now pray for their enemies to die without even a second thought. Some of them have never taken time to ask this question, what if the enemy is my father, mother, brother, or even sister. We must realize that in as much as it is important and good to pray for freedom from the oppression of the enemy, we must not forget the example that Jesus Christ left for us Christians when he said we should not curse our enemies, but rather bless them.

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He practically showed us how to do it when He pray for the people that crucified Him that God should forgive them. He expects us to do the same today. But unfortunately, the reverse is the case. Here are some mistakes many believers make when praying against enemies:

1. They Feel That Their Enemy Is A Physical Person

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Many people especially some so-called believers have fallen into this deception to think that their enemy is a physical person. You must understand that your enemy is more spiritual than physical. Satan is your arch enemy. He uses people to perpetuate his evil plans against you. The people he uses are not your enemy, it is Satan that is controlling them. That is why the Bible says that the weapon of our warfare is not carnal. The Bible also said we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.

2. They Forget That Jesus Christ Ask Us To Pray For Our Enemies

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Jesus Christ emphatically said that we should pray for our enemies, those that persecute us. He demonstrated it to us on the cross of Calvary. He expects us to pray for the conversion and repentance of those who have made themselves our enemies. We are not to pray for them to die and go to hell, because Jesus Christ loves them and He doesn't want them to perish. We are to pray good prayers for them and not bad prayers against them.

3. They Forget That They Can't Kill Satan

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Many believers pray that Satan and all his demons should die. They forget that you can only cast out Satan but you can't kill him. As children of God, He has given us the power to cast Satan and devils. It is only God that has the power to destroy Satan. When praying against Satan you only cast him out. Praying to kill Satan is a waste of time and energy.

In conclusion, praying against enemies should be done with divine wisdom. God doesn't answer your prayers when you dictate to Him what to do to your enemies. He has the wisdom and knows how to deal with the people who are collaborating with Satan to trouble. He is the righteous Judge. He knows the best punishment to mete out to all your persecutors and oppressors.

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