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Apart from your pastor, these are examples of other people you can use your tithe for.

When we talk about issue of tithe. Our mind go straight to that small tithe book giving to us in our church and how is being marked whenever we pay tithe. So we relate tithe to church alone. But do you know that tithe payment is not to church alone?

Let me show you

When you finish tithing, the entire tenth of your produce in the third year. The year of the tenth, you will give to the Levites (pastor/ prophet/priest), the foreign resident, the fatherless child and the widow and they will eat their fill within your cities. Deuteronomy 26: 12

According to this verse, we can pay our tithe to a pastor, a foreign resident (stranger), the fatherless child and the widow.

The Pastor

In the beginning. God gave tithe to the Levites as an inheritance because they don't have any inheritance among the Israelites, they neither work nor farm, heir work is only in the temple. So they feed on he tithe. That is why the book of Malachi 3 verse 10 says

'Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house ...'

Some of the churches today place their pastors and some other worked in the church on monthly salary, it is achievable through the payment of tithe.

The foreigner or stranger.

This are the people who wonders and struggled from one place to another to survive, they don't have home, job, family or place to stay. They are street people, they hustle around to survive. They wish to have a better life but things are not working for them. We can pay our tithe to them and make their life stable.

The fatherless

Thank God for people who venture into providing home for homeless. But despite that, we still have so many homeless children on the street between he age of 6 and above. Some end up being sexually abused, used for rituals, use as sex workers and for some other illegal businesses. We can set aside our tithe to take care of such children.

The widow

They are old man and woman nobody is taken care of. They feed on only what they see, and if nothing comes to them they go hunger all day. They are too old to work. Our tithe can be devoted to them as well.

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