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Before You Go Out This Sunday Morning, Ask God To Do These 7 Things For You.

"If you get down on your knees before sunrise (praying to God), there is no obstacle you won't be able to stand against before sunset," Martin Ugwu once said. This demonstrates the significance of morning prayers. At your prayer altar, devote your time to fighting every spiritual war that comes your way. Amen. May the Lord Jesus Christ assist us in always praying for each day.

Today, ask God to accomplish these seven things for you.

1) Forgive me for any sin I've committed, Lord. While I was sleeping, I was able to break every trap that Satan had created for me. In the name of Jesus, stop every spiritual arrow sent from the strong demonic altars from affecting my day today.

2) Please, God, send me supernatural assistance today. You're aware of my private screams and struggles. Raise your hand and, in the name of Jesus Christ, do something for me today. In the name of Jesus, make this new day one to remember in my life.

3) Today, connect me with the proper folks. Place me in a position to be aided by people you have prepared to assist me in Jesus' name.

4) Disrupt every plot my adversaries have against me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I block every Satanic weapon aimed at me. In the name of Jesus Christ, close every mouth that will open today to curse me or make bad comments against me.

5) Today, bless me with your blessings

In the name of Jesus Christ, make me glad for the work of your hand in my life. In the name of Jesus, silence every voice that will talk evil against me today. Put to disgrace every man or woman who has promised in the name of Jesus to see my life end today.

6) Assist me in making sound decisions. Keep everyone away from me who will accuse me or put me in danger in the name of Jesus Christ.

7) In the name of Jesus, put an end to all dryness in my life. In the name of Jesus, put a stop to my spiritual and financial dryness. Tuesday is going to be a lucky day. In the name of Jesus Christ, bless my journey.

In the comments section, say a threefold Amen to Sealed your prayers in the precious blood of Jesus 

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