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Oyedepo And Pastor Suleman Has Never Challenged US, Yet They Challenge Buhari And The Bill He Signed

We all know that everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but some people should learn to follow the law most especially when it is for the good of the country. Bringing us to the fact that Bishop David Oyedepo and pastor (Apostle) Johnson Suleman. Both pastors have branches of their churches in different countries most especially in the US. Yet non of them have challenged the US law, so why will they challenge Buhari and the bill he signed? 

According to report from Sahara Reporters, CAMA which was signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari, allows the regulation of religious bodies and charity organisations by the registrar-general of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and a minister, and also gives the commission power to suspend the trustees of an association or a religious body and appoint an interim manager or managers to coordinate its affairs.

Based on the above law signed by Buhari, Oyedepo and Suleman have challenged the president and Oyedepo made it known that the CAMA Is A Sinister, Demonic Attempt To Stifle The Church. The church is one of the greatest assets of this nation today. Please, be warned! I have that prophetic obligation wherever the gang-up may come from, be warned. Be warned. Link

While on the other hand, according to Sahara, Apostle Johnson Suleman also challenged it by saying: CAMA cannot stand as Nigerian Government doesn’t fund churches like US. He went in by saying: The CAMA law is diabolic and evil intended act. Why will I respect an act that does not respect the law? See screenshot and link.

The law Buhari signed may turn out for the betterment of the nation, and for the good of citizens. Why will they challenge the bill the president signed when they have never challenged the US law when they have breaches of their church there? 

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