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One Thing Some False Prophets Use To Cover Their Mischievous Act - Apostle Daniel Akpai

Apostle Daniel Akpai, the Senior Pastor of Rulers Christian Centre (RCC) ABUJA, in a recent post on his office Facebook page sends an important message to Christian about one activity of False prophets.

He said that some false prophets use giveaway to cover up their mischevious act. Woman eyes are naturally blinded by gift and they know this very well that is why they are using it. They give you gifts so as for you not to notice their mischevious acts which they carry underground. Let me be able to deceive you and themselves but they cannot deceive God.

However, there are also genuine prophets who do giveaways, so it is your utmost duty to discern. Pray that God gives you the Spirit of discernment so you can discern the genuine prophets from the false prophets. This is their time of manifestation and we need to be very careful not to fall into their hands

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