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Apostle Ayo Babalola: How Wrong Choice Of Wife Almost Ruined His Ministry, Aides His Untimely Death

The ministry of prayer exploit of Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola was quite remarkable; for example, he could pray nonstop for 3 days. After staying in prayers before the Lord, God once commanded Apostle Babalola to cut off three leaves from a tree and put them on a rock before him; and God asked him to pray until the sweat from his body moved the leaves forward, and he performed the task. According to a report, "this was how he continued to pray until he prayed for 72 hours. He began praying around 9 p.m. on Sunday and it was Wednesday evening when he said a closing "In Jesus ' Name I Pray." The surprising thing is that he apologized for extending the evening prayer a little longer by the time the apostle had finished praying and then told them to go and sleep. They were all laughing at him and saying, 'Baba, you have been praying for three days.

For the most part, we left you and went about our normal duties. Today is Wednesday and not Sunday. You've been standing on your feet praying for three days.'" This prophet could spend many days on the mountain with absolute fasting of neither water nor food (in fact, there was a time when he did an absolute 51-day marathon fast of no food or drink). Effectively, it seems that Apostle Joseph Babalola was never hungry while fasting, having been supernaturally fed by the angel who accompanied Jesus Christ to visit him at the beginning of his ministry, on the seventh day of his initial seven-day fasting of no food no water commanded by God.He had special grace to have a long, dry fast. Apostle Babalola once said that the prayers he had prayed were enough to lift men and women and evangelize the country before Jesus Christ's Second Coming. God chose him to be a worker who selects his tool, chosen to accomplish a Divine work. He had upon his office the Seal of God. His ministrations were accompanied by signs and wonders.

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola once ordered his fellow ministers to knee down for Brief prayer after the prayer meeting. The minister becomes frustrated and sat down after about 2-3 hours of kneeling, leaving only Apostle Babalola still on his knee praying for about 5-6 hours. They asked him the next day, "Baba if you ask us to pray with you a short prayer that took nearly 6 hours, how many hours will your LONG prayer last?

All of us in Osun state Nigeria recognized Ori Oke Aanu (Mountain of Mercy) Prayer Land, Erio-Ekiti. The same Apostle Babalola founded this Mountain of prayer. There's a spot on top of the mountain rock where he's kneeling to pray and cutting his knee, leaving a giant hole in the rock due to his long prayer hours. That hole is still till-dated over there. He was the only man who had traveled overseas without an airplane or ship for missionary work. He usually traveled abroad for missionary work with his ministers by air or water, he only gathered his minister for prayer, and they immediately disappeared into thin air. Often the angel drops his two legs as he preaches, and he begins to shift and float in the air without hitting the ground on his feet. When preaching he normally floats on the sand, he can even pray on the knee for 3 months without standing up.


The recognized error has been his wife's decision. History has it that the woman he truly loved was a single mother, but the CAC elders considered marrying a single mother to be an embarrassment to their leader. They misled him, therefore, to marry the spinster who later became the thorn in his flesh.

She was born Dorcas. A Christian name with a Christian in the heart is not the same. There was a time when she poured palm oil on the man of God's white robe on her way to a crusade ground. Upon returning from the mountain another time upon long days of prayers and fasting, the wife served him a tasty meal to break his fast.

Babalola's Wife and Children

Babalola and His Wife

He only took about two or three morsels when the wife told him that "you thought you were a true prophet because by revelation you should have known that the chicken was stolen from the food." The man of God kindly left the remainder of the food and went to the mountain to pray for a pardon from Heaven. He was expected to preach one of the days in an open-air crusade but suddenly his wife locked him in the room and ran off. The man just looked up and cried, "Oh Lord, see what my wife did." The Lord asked him to lay his hands on the wall and he found himself on the ground of the crusade. "As anointed as he was, he had no mentor, a real reason for his wrong choice of wife which led to his untimely death, sadly and eventually, directly or indirectly."


If you want to fulfill your purpose and live long, you must marry Your wife at all costs. Not the one recommended by a prophet, pastor, priest, or parents but the one recommended by God. People can only guide, but your conviction must give birth to the ultimate choice. Don't be deceived by the beauty and worldly appearance, please, because all that glitters isn't gold. Most of these indomy waves are reincarnate demonic agents and marine police. Therefore you must always give in fervent prayer and fasting when searching for a fair woman to marry because medicine (prayer) is misery after death (terrible mistake).

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