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Read Pastor Kumuyi's message to his members this Sunday on Divine Solution.

It is a Very Special and Glorious Global Crusade transmitted live From the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The Global Crusade, which is anchored by the Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, In Person of Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi. The Global crusade is not Restricted only to Abuja but to other part of the World and beyond.

In the Superlative Service during the global crusade, the Holiness Preacher with the theme Divine Solution for All. He sends a Strong and Powerful Message to Every one with the Topic: Our Proper Return For Divine Solution. He took the Text from: Luke 15: 18-24. As you read to the end. God will abundantly bless you.

He highlighted the attitude and Behaviour of the Prodigal Son, who turned very wayward and left the abode of his Father and brother, requested for his own Inheritance and Departed in to a very far country. He spend all the he has carelessly but nevertheless returned.

In his Quest to Expatiate the message, Pastor Kumuyi deviated from his Usual 3 Sub Headings and Went Further to Divide the Message under 7 Sub Headings.

1. Your Personal Return to the Saviour. 

He assured Christians that the Lord is by our side, he said we should call up him why he is still Near.According to Isaiah 55:6, he admonished the congregation and everyone to forsake their wicked ways. Like the Prodigal son, forsook everything and Came back to his Father. Whoever you are, no matter how bad you think you are. You have to return and forsake everything. God will surely have mercy upon you in Jesus Name. This lead to the Second Sub Heading.

2. Our Penitent Return With Supplication. From Luke 15:18-24, Ezekiel 8:13.

Pastor noted the attitude of the Prodigal Son on his Return. He did not come back with pride and arrogance, claiming what he had left. but with humiliation and remorse. As a sinner, you could have been ruined and destroyed by your past life and Mistakes. But the Lord says no, that is why he has given his only begotten son on the Cross to die for your sins. The Savior knows that you cannot do without him. No matter how bad your past is, no matter how deep you have gone in sin. 

As you surrender to Christ and repent, it will not ruin your future and Destiny. The Lord is not willing that any should perish, but Satan is happy when a Sinner does. The Lord will make Satan sorrowful over you, because it will be too late for Satan to Catch up with you in Jesus Name.

3. Our Purposeful Return Though in Sickness.

Just like the Prodigal Son who left his Father's mansion and went to a far away land. After he spent all, he was full of regret and Depression. He could not sleep or feed well, sicknesses caught up with him. His Soul, Mind and Body was Sick and reproachful. Nevertheless, he knew that if he return everything will be alright.

Are you depressed, going through hard times in your Health. In your life, be rest assured that everything will be alright.Return unto God and he will abundantly pardon and heal you completely in Jesus Name. It is important to note that we should not tempt God by claiming his promises while taking risk and entering into Dangers.

4. The Preventable Return of the Spirit. Under this Sub Heading, he considered Luke 11:24, John 5:5. I Peter 2:20 

He prophesied that every unclean spirit in your life is coming out right now. Every spirit that is causing frustration, near success syndrome, stagnation will be out of your life in Jesus Name. But you must fill your mind, thoughts, activities with word of God.

5. Our Permanent Return to the Sanctifier.

In his Sunday message, Pastor focused on the Prodigal Son in the book of Luke. He noted that the Prodigal son could little discomfort, pain or bondage. That caused his longing to go far away and live the way that pleases him. 

Nevertheless, after the freedom he came back in tears looking dejected. And the Father not minding the worst state of his Son embraced him and Forgave him. Till the end of the Bible he never fled away again. 

As you yield to the Lord he is willing to sanctify you, and you will not go back to your old life any more. And the blessings of the Lord will keep on flowing in your life in Jesus Name.

6. The Promised Return of the Sovereign Christ. In Genesis 18:14 

Is there anything too Hard in your life and Family for God, Pastor Kumuyi made it known that nothing is impossible with our God. He is assuring you that at the time appointed God will return unto you. He will never be late in your life. Everything ordained in your Health and life, God will surely fulfill.  

Anything that God has ordained for your life, he will surely do it. God cannot change and lie, his Promises will surely be fulfilled in your life

7. The Prophesied Return of The Son. John 14:1-2.

While you are still here on Earth and God has given you all your needs, answered your prayers through the name of Jesus. Nevertheless, all the blessings and provisions given to you here on Earth is Limited. Seek the Kingdom of God because he will surely return for his own, to take us to the place of Eternal rest and Bliss. According to John 14: 1- 2.

As he gives you accommodation on Earth,he will give you Mansion in Heaven. And you will be there in Jesus Name. As he save and separate you from danger, he will save you at last to Heaven. You Joy will never seize, you will join the Saints in Heaven at last. As Christ return you will never be left out in Jesus Name.

If you have not repented, spare a Minute and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Every prophecies will come to fulfilment in your life In Jesus Name, AMEN. If you believe drop a Powerful Amen in the comments section. Kindly share and follow at the top for more.

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