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If you're facing difficulties in life and you are the firstborn, kindly say these 5 prayers

Are you the firstborn of your family and your life seems to go on a low forever? Do you feel trapped in life and are you going to give up? Please don't give up yet because there is still hope for you. I want you to understand that as the firstborn of your family, by default, roles and duties are given because you are next in line to be responsible for your family, and of course, invisible forces will certainly try to fight you mentally.

But there is hope for you only when you are ready to acknowledge God as your father and invite him to fight all the forces invisible to you. Your path will be completely open. Go down and let's say these 5 prayer points together.

1) Ask God for divine wisdom to understand the meaning of your life so that you may be on the right path to realize what you should be.

2) If you are a woman, and are not yet married. Pray that any evil mask used to cover your face which will make it difficult for men to notice that you will be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

3) Command every evil leader who covers your face and your star to shine to be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

4) Pray that your destiny will be set free. If you want to immerse your ball in a golf ball, you must place in the circuit of life, then place in a golf ball and finally place in another circuit.

 5) Put your hands upon your head, and ask for the grace of God in your life. Pray for God's mercy and promote your life. Ask for God's unlimited blessing to find you today. Pray for financial stability in your life.

If you say these prayers, Almighty God will surely answer your prayers, and you must also act so that God will answer your prayers.

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