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Midnight prayer: O God save me from the hands of the evil ones

Father! Arise! Fight for me right now in the name of Jesus! Save me from my enemy, obstinate foes, domestic witchcraft, the power of environmental covens, blood-drinkers and flesh-eaters. I'd want to summon you to the lord's court. 

Every arrow aimed at me, diviner assigned against me, power tasked with destroying my destiny, arrows of infirmity assigned against my head are nullified. Whether it's an altar or a cloak of darkness raised against me, 

I eliminate the stumbling block to my advancement and promotion, a dark operation in my family line, and night forces working against my achievement. Forced to use my life as a dumping site, a failure tree in my father's house, and an adversary of my possession

Any curse placed on my hands, the Mountain of Affliction in front of me, sicknesses caused by witchcraft. 

I break the yokes that have been placed upon my shoulders, I annihilate and invalidate the agents or curses of infirmities, as well as any power that prolongs infirmity. My life is not your candidate, yokes that have been placed upon my shoulders. 

I'm going to make unstoppable strides. My star will continue to rise and never sink. All of my lost years are reclaimed tenfold. This year, males will strive for my favor. 

This year, I scatter every malevolent hand that will point to my star. Anything designated to utilize my body as a dumping ground was cut off from any diabolical misdeeds against my household. You are a liar, with Satan's tongues anointed to speak against God or stating that my time is up. 

My hands will finish all the excellent deeds I've started. In Jesus' great name, Amen, I pray for all of these things and many more.

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