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Just Like Martin Lauther King Who fought For Blacks, You Were Created To Solve A Problem-Mbaka

Catholic Priest and the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria(AMEN), Very Reverend Father Camellus Anthony Ejike Mbaka has during one of the Programs at the Ministry's prayer ground urged all Christians across the globe to always stand out and assist each other in difficult periods. He stressed that, every person greated by God was for a purpose.

The outspoken man of God while speaking during the homily tagged "You were created to solve a problem stated that, the life of every living being was meant to be relevant to one another. Therefore, in every ugly situation, someone who God created to provide solutions must emarge. "There is problem you were created to solve. Your life is meant to be relevant to someone on earth. There is a mark God created you to make. You cannot be happy unless you have discovered that problem and solved it. The book of Jeremiah1:14 says, before you were born, i knew you. I consecrated you a prophet to the nation. There arevtears God created you to wipe away. So, you are a solution to a problem, an answer to prayers, hope to despairing situation. As a Goliath, do not joke with your mission on earth. He said.

The former priest of Christ The King(CKC) Parish, Enugu in further statement said that, for one to discover his or her mission on earth, he must depend on God and worship him with truth and faith. " God does not allow a problem he has not given someone a, solution to. For every challenges or problem, the solution is planted in someone. Martin Lauther King was created to solve the problem of the oppression of the blacks and racial bias that pervaded in his time. There was a femine in the land of Egypt and the Egyptians ran to their king for solution. But the king had no solution instead, he directed them to Joseph who had the solution. He added.

Fr. Mbaka also spoke on the importance of living a life of righteousness. He maintained that, it is the only way anybody can achieve the goal of fulfilling his mission according to the will of God. "Righteousness will make you see the problem God created you to solve. But in sin blind you to it. Do not die without solving the problem God created you to solve. Worse still, do not end up creating more problems in the world. Keep asking God to show you the problem you were created to solve and direct you toward it. He exhausted.

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