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2 powerful prayer points that attract success.

A man struggles and hustles on daily basis with the sole purpose of becoming successful in life and establishing a worthy legacy for his unborn generation. But the downturn of the country's economy has escalated man's struggle and reduced man's earnings.

Many people now struggle like elephants and at the end of every struggles, they earn like ants. This experience has led many into soiling their hands into ungodly means as to become successful. But the truth remains that every wealth accumulated outside the supplement of God attracts mysterious consequences such as untimely death, lost of accumulated wealth in a strange way, strange behaviors etc.

Nevertheless true and comfortable success can only be found in God and can be accessed through prayers. Hence a man of prayer is always a successful man.

2 powerful prayer points that attracts success include:

1. My going out and coming shall be a blessing unto me (deuteronomy 28:6): This prayer point will surely attract God's favor unto your path as you go out for the day's work and while you return as well, because that is God's promise to his people. And you're affirming it to be your portion as well.

2. God multiply my goods and my earnings (deuteronomy 28:11): This is God's Word and also a promise which can only be accessed through continously reminding Him of His promise of increase to you and your works or businesses.

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