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"The Fact That A Name Is A White Man’s Name Does Not Mean It Is A Good Name" -Pastor Olukoya

There has been a constant debate on the importance of western names in Africa. Many believe that it shouldn't be allowed and don't even give their children Western names. Some however see nothing wrong with this and even give their children two or three Western names. I was privileged to watch Pastor Daniel Olukoya sermon yesterday and he really had a lot to say about names.

The man of God didn't condemn western names at all, he clearly warned that Christians shouldn't just give their child a name because it is foreign, they should do some research about the name. According to the man of God, because a name is of western origin doesn't mean it is a good name. There are some names that have evil meanings and many Christians don't know, these names don't carry good faith and when you give your children these names, you are simply placing a curse on them.

He further went on to explain how the name of a person can affect the person's life. Once a name means a bad thing and you are calling somebody with that name, you are making a proclamation on that person's life. Imagine a person's name is Fool and you keep calling this person by his name, you are simply making an evil proclamation on that person's life.

I personally believe that a person's name doesn't have control over the person's destiny. If someone is determined to be a successful person, I don't think the name of the person can affect him. These men of God should focus on evangelism instead of bringing theories about the name of a person. In the western world, people are answering Stones and yet they are living every successful life without hardness. Africans must not be serious about everything, this life isn't that complicated.


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