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Religious Facts : Why we have the God of the Son, God of the father and God of the Holy spirit.

This article doesn't say that we have three different God but rather want to shed light on why it had been divided into 3 although still 1 because they work togheter but not in the same way. Sit tight and read this interesting article to the end thanks.

God of the father :The God of the father is the most powerful, fearful, strict and supreme one of all. Before Jesus came to the world God controls and interact by himself though through the use of prophets and other anointed and chosen persons that he wishes.. Such as Moses Elijah Samson E.t.c in the hands of only this chosen persons can miracle happen and people have to wait for only them to recieve message, annointing or deliverance from God as God ministers performs and send message through them alone. Hence in the old testament the prophets and the chosen ones are considered as a very big and notable figure thus occupying the old testament. Again the God of the father doesn't forgive and forget and let you go Scott free without being punished.. As the God of the father is so strict and frowns at disobedience.. The God of the father can't be seen or heard by normal persons unless being chosen or a prophet.

God of the Son :Jesus Christ the son of God is the God of the son.. He ministers directly and also had disciples as followers ... He can be seen, heard or perceived easily and by anybody . He delivers preaches and envagelise all by himself. Does his miracles , deliverance ministration by himself although has deciples as assistants and followers. Peter, mattew, james e.t. c are examples and they occupy some of the new testament. The God of the son forgives through confession of sins and accepting him as your lord and personal saviour that in love only him you shall be saved. Then all your sins shall be washed away and you are like a new born soul.

God of the Holy Spirit :After Jesus ascended to heaven he passed on powers to his disciples that they might perform signs and wonders through the holy spirit. The holy spirit cannot be seen but can be felt. Forgiveness of sins come through baptism. The holy spirit can be passed by persons with the holy spirit to another person such as Paul to Silas timothy e.t.c Read act of apostle. Anybody can have the holy spirit and use them to heal and win more souls for Christ. The holy spirit is passed by Jesus who was sent by God.

we say God the father , the son and the holy spirit because they are one and work together in unity and oneness.

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