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OPINION: Muslim Leaders Should Do These 5 Things to Overcome Terrorism and Hardship in Nigeria

It is no longer new that when a man goes through a difficulty or faces a hardship, he sometimes loses hope, complains or blames those around him.

Some people may feel sad and powerless when they find themselves in a difficult situation, but as a Muslim, a conscious one, you are not expected to lose hope in the mercy and blessing of your God, regardless of the situation you find yourself.

In Nigeria today, the country is facing many challenges such as killing, banditry, kidnapping etc. The challenges are seriously affecting the economy of the nation. Nigerians have been criticizing the leaders as a result of hardship in the country. It is high time our leaders, most especially the Muslims among them turned back to Allah.

In the Holy Quran, God says: So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily with every difficulty there is relief. Therefore, when you are free (from your immediate task), still labour hard. And to your Lord turn (all) your attention. Quran 94:5-7.

Therefore, instead of lamenting and surrendering the country to hardship, Islam recommends something to do, and from the above verse, it is obvious that the worship of Allah is very crucial no matter what we are going through in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari and other Muslims leader should do the following so as to overcomet hardship in the country.

1. Salah.

Muslim leaders are expected to perform the five times prayers daily and remember the country in their prayers. In fact, no hardship should make anyone ignore this duty because it is one of the recommended means to ease oneself out of a difficulty. Hence, pray five times daily and wait for positive results from Allah.

2. Read the Qu'ran

Reading of the Holy Quran is beautiful that no matter what difficulties you face, you will find solace in it. Its recitation will provide you with rest of mind and restore your hope in the mercy of Allah.

3. Make Dua/Pray

For anyone going through any form of difficulty or hardship, Islam recommends some prayer points to make while you sit to remember Allah Almighty. Here is one of such prayers:

O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being overpowered by men.

4. Give Sadaqah/Charity

Muslim leaders should give charity to those who are in need because charity is a very good and highly rewarding act of worship in Islam and one of its benefits is that it hinders hardship. But if they can’t give money, even kind words or physical sadaqah can do (i.e. helping people physically or emotionally)

5. Wake up early and perform Tahajjud

He who seeks the face of Allah should not close his eyes throughout the night. The leaders should wake up early, pray, read the Qur'an, do azkar (remembrance of Allah) most especially in this month of Ramadan. The hours before dawn is one of the recommended time to pray to Allah. So our leaders don't have to sleep all night. They should wake and pray to their Lord.

Kindly share this post till it reaches all our Muslim leaders in Nigeria.

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