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Powerful Prayers To End Police Brutality And Bad Governance In Nigeria Today

As Christians, now is the time to hand the situation of the country over to God for his divine intervention, because for many years now a lot of people have suffered in silence as a result of bad governance/police brutality throughout the country. For how long do we continue to keep silent when we know for sure that our God is ready to answer our prayers anytime we seek his intervention.

If the government do not hear us, let us remember that our Heavenly father 'Jehovah', is ready to answer our prayers anytime we call upon him and it is now time to seek his intervention, but how can we call on him? it is only through prayers and with our faith in him, he will surely listen to our prayers and answer everyone of them.

You can either say amen to the prayers below or repeat the prayers on your own if you truly care about our great nation Nigeria and want that change to come now. God has the power to bring that change and he will definitely do it for us this minute as i believe in his power and might.

Lets Pray:

1). Call the name 'Jehovah' seven times, Jehovah my heavenly father, many of us who are your servants and disciples have suffered in one way or the other, directly or indirectly, at the hands of some unlawful officers who take law into their own hands. Today, we have come before you because we know and believe that if we call on your Holy name that you will answer us. Father in heaven, put a permanent end to police brutality and bad governance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

2). Jehovah our heaven father, we did not choose to be Nigerians, but you placed us in this beautiful land because you gave us a divine purpose here. You blessed us with plenty natural resources in this great and rich nation, but the evil in the land may have taken advantage of all this just to punish your children who serve you. Jehovah cleanse our land of all evil, reform the Nigeria police force and vindicate every Nigerian from bad governance in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

3). God, we know that you made Nigeria to be a great and mighty nation both in Africa and all over the world, which is why there we have come before your presence now to seek your intervention on our great nation, and grant us that liberty that we all have been seeking in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

4). In your word the bible says that we must ask to receive, gracious God we are now asking that you answer our prayers and liberate our great country from any calamity that may be looming in the shadows from hell in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

5). Thank you our heavenly father for answering our prayers, we worship and adore your holy name, for in Jesus Powerful Name we pray Amen. You can follow me for more powerful prayers for ourselves, our families and our great country Nigeria.

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