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Proclaim These 8 Powerful Prayers For A Breakthrough In This New Month Before Sleeping Tonight

In an exceptionally unique manner, I need to invite you into October, it isn't by our power or might that we can see the light of this new month; we give all the brilliance to God in Jesus' name. This is the third to the last month of the year, and the ruler has kept to his guarantees in our lives. Many individuals couldn't see the primary day of this current month, however, he kept us, so we are here to give all brilliance to his name.

Now be in the mood of the petition, let us submit the new month under the control of God:

1. In Jesus' name, Father we thank you for the endowment of life, we thank you for your direction and security, for your adoration care, and worry over our lives, may all wonder be to your name in Jesus' name. Father Lord, we thank you for the effortlessness to see this new month, I thank you for your security all through last month, I say a major thank you for the sake of Jesus Christ.

2. Oh, God in heaven, I submit this period of October into your hands, father, come and have your direction in my life and my family for the sake of Jesus Christ. Father, come and direct me over time for the sake of Jesus Christ. I will not fall into any risk in Jesus'' name. No cataclysm from the pit of agony will occur for me for the sake of Jesus Christ.

3. Every antagonism projected from the domain of haziness against my life in this new month will not happen in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Each bolt from the adversary against my life will return to the sender in this new month for the sake of Jesus Christ. I'm covered and secured with the blood of Jesus Christ over time in Jesus' name.

4. I am profoundly preferred overtime for the sake of Jesus Christ. Whatever I lay my hands on will prosper for the sake of Jesus Christ. Let my destiny helpers find me in this new month in Jesus' name.

5. This month will be a month of my leap forward in Jesus' name. It will be from one wonder to another for my life in this new month in Jesus'' name. The individuals who wish demise for me will pass on in this month in Jesus' name. The people who plot my ruin in this month will know the disgrace of a rout for the sake of Jesus Christ.

6. Father, goes against the people who go against me and battle against the individuals who battle against me for the sake of Jesus Christ. Father, let your favor and kindness fall on me in this month in Jesus' name.

7. Father, as you have made me alive to see the start of this new month, I will see the end in Jesus' name. This month will support me in Jesus' name.

8. I won't lose any of my relatives to death for the sake of Jesus.

As you say these supplications with faith, I ask may the all-powerful God be your shied to direct and secure you all through this month in Jesus' name. Claim these supplications with a major AMEN in the comment section beneath.

Cheerful NEW MONTH.

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