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Declare These Morning Prayers For Divine Opportunity And Victory From God

As you step out on this beautiful morning, the Lord will accompany you and bless your descendants immensely. The door of opportunity for progress shall open for your family in every field today in the name of Jesus. Your business shall progress geometrically in Jesus name. Your spiritual life will progress and the grace of serving God better than ever be released to your household, in the name of Jesus. Your marriage will proceed and progress excellently, every challenge and problem troubling your home be crushed by fire in Jesus name. The door of opportunity of greatness will open for your household, as from today onward your business will be great and expand, you will be great financially and maritally in Jesus name. You shall never survive at the mercy of anyone in the name of Jesus. You shall have enough to lend to the nations, in the name of Jesus. Almighty God will make you a channel of blessings to many in Jesus name. The door of advancement and opportunity will open for your generation, Almighty God you up physically, spiritually and maritally in Jesus name. Physically the Lord shall supply and provide all your material needs beyond your expectation in the name of Jesus. Spiritually the Lord will come closer to your generation, step into your situation and circumstances, before you call upon Almighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ. Maritally, God's peace, goodness and mercy will cover your marriage. Your relationship shall be free from all kinds of challenges, troubles and worries in the name of Jesus Christ. Today the Lord of Hosts will open the door of victory for your household, in your business you shall begin to experience dramatic and dynamic success and victory in Jesus name. Things shall work better for you and your descendants in Jesus name. The impossible shall never be your part in Jesus name. Lord will grant you victory over every evil agenda against your family in the name of Jesus Christ. The supernatural power of God will make you victorious over demonic manipulation and restriction set before your family in Jesus Christ name. May the Lord give you all-round victory over every demonic arrow aimed against your progress and advancement in life. The Lord shall decorate your home with the garb of victory and success, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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