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See what i did to the evil bird that came my way after coming back from church.

I am Joel Kalu by name, I am married with two children. I have heard much about the owl the evil bird, I have studied their nature and bad features they represent but haven't any in reality until today.

I came back late from what and became really exhausted and am to be at the church in the next 1 hour because we are having our usual Monday prayer meeting, I had no option so I quickly dressed and rushed to the church.

We prayed and did everything as usual so we closed for the day, on my way going back home, I saw this strange bird that people have been talking about, they call it an (owl) I saw this bird right on my way so I tried different means to for it to get out from my way and returns to where it came from, still yet the bird never made any attempt to move, but I was never scared of the bird because I knew it can never harm me, besides I was just coming back from the church prayer meeting.

So I called the attention of people who said it must be an evil bird and you barely see an owl during the day time unless it has an evil agenda, we manage to catch it after several trials, have a look at the picture here.

The bird really proves stubborn which means it was sent from somewhere else. So that gave us the courage and we quickly ordered for matches and fuel so we killed it and burnt it down.

This was how we successfully killed the evil bird but after then my conscience was not really clear with me. So I decided to bring it to this platform and share what really happened to me.

But if I may ask, do you think we did the right thing by killing the bird? Because to me, I felt it within me that this must be an evil bird so I had to do this to it.

Please drop your comment below and help me with your vital though as we flow and interact together.

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Joel Kalu


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