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Check Out The Significant Of Judas' “30 Piece Silver" In Our Today's Money

The 'silver piece' which was one of the currency used in those days, was used in other portions of the New Testament as the usual wages for a day's labor. So 30 pieces will cost you roughly $5 in 5 weeks (based on a 6 day working week.)

Each silver piece was probably worth around $20 in terms of purchasing power. The living standards are far lower than in modern (Western) nations. As a result, the thirty pieces are worth approximately $441.

Certainly not a "life-changing" sum of money in the traditional sense.

The narrative of Judas is, in fact, hotly debated among theologians. There is minimal agreement that the treachery was motivated by money. It's commonly assumed that Judas was a nationalist who followed Jesus because he expected Jesus to lead an independence movement against the occupying Roman army and felt betrayed when Jesus didn't.

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