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Tolerance: An Advice To Opera News' Muslim And Christian Readers.

This message i intend to pass across is going to be without taking parts and not apportioning blame on either of the Muslims or Christians.

When I checked my interest graph on Opera News, I realized I'm interested in entertainment and religion most.

Most times when writers write something about either Christianity or Islam, after reading, I simply scroll down to check the comments. Why? Because I know that some Christians or Muslims will just say something bad about the religion being talked about.

This kind of mentality brings no progress to a nation, if we don't accept others for who they are, there will be no progress.

In a situation where Muslims are claiming superiority and Christians are also claiming they are better, a lot of more important things to do has been left unattended to.

You see some Christians giving the word S.A.W meanings that is so irresponsible and Muslims calling pastors and prophet liars.

This is saddening, Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) never said you should criticize other people's religion, it was said in the Qur'an that: "to you be your religion and to me be mine". This does not in anyway means you should see Christians as your enemy.

You see Muslims calling Christians liars and saying they won't make Heaven, this is also equally saddening. No one can boldly say this person won't be in Paradise.

We've heard, in the Bible and in the Qur'an, about people who are always commiting sins but knowingly or unknowingly, they've done something that pleases God and for that act they'll enter Paradise.

Placing curse on each other is also disheartening, I plead with everyone on this Opera News platform to please desist from this act. Let's all tolerate one another.

The prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) has concluded everything by his saying that goes thus: "No one will enter Heaven except he that God has mercy upon".

I hope this piece will change something, peace be upon you all.

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