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Why Most Christians Face Spiritual Attacks

Christians don't just know what they have, they don't know the authority they possess through Christ Jesus. Most people who call themselves Christians are just followers and not true worshippers. They follow the crowd without knowing what it is for them to become Christlike. This is why most Christians face spiritual attacks. They fail to acquire knowledge and properly identify with God.

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The Bible said in the book of Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.” This is saying until you understand who you are in Christ Jesus you won't understand what you possess. Most people are destroyed by the devil because they lack knowledge of the things of God.

One thing most Christians don't do and make them face spiritual attacks is because they don't take advantage of the name of God and study his words. The Bible referred to the Holy Book as the sword of the spirit. The means with the word of God inside of you, you become spiritually strong and active to fight against.

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This is one single reason most Christians face spiritual attacks, they don't take advantage of the sword of the spirit. They don't digest it enough and use it to their advantage. When you know the word like yourself, the devil fears you, demons give you space because they know you have a fire inside of you.

Another one is making use of the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible said, at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and every tongue confuse. This is one thing Christians need to know. You have the name of Jesus in you always and make use of it. You have his words and with this, it's difficult for you to face spiritual attacks.

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The reason most Christians face spiritual attacks is that they don't make use of the word and doesn't use the name always.

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