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Thursday Night(17/07/2020): Say these prayers For God's Protection Before You Sleep Tonight

Thursday Night(17/07/2020): Say this prayers Before You Sleep Tonight 

We blessed the name of the Lord for making it possible for us to end today without problem. He had guarded us through out the encounter of today's activities. He alone deserve to be praised.

It is time to lay our heads on the bed, so we need to call upon him to protect us through the night so that our enemies will not prevail over our lives.

Let's say this prayers before we close our eyes on the bed for protection

Almighty God of vengeance, arise and judge those who attack me without a cause tonight. Oh God, arise and defend me from every powers of darkness. Defend me from those that are too strong for me to handle. As I close my eyes let your angels guard me, family and friends in the name of Jesus. Let the desire of my enemies concerning me be there portion multiple times in Jesus name. Whatever the direction they come to me tonight, let their powers be rendered useless in the name of Jesus. Victory will always be mine in the name of Jesus. Let your name forever be praised for you have already answer my prayers.


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