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Is The Catholic Church The One And Only True Apostolic Church ?

The Catholic Church is popularly recognized as the first Christian Church on earth, the church has lasted for over 2000 years and is the longest serving institution that still exists till this very day. As there is one body of Christ, there should also be one single Church. According to Dominus Iesus, he said that "as there is only one Jesus Christ with only one single body, so is there only a single Catholic and Apostolic Church". 

According to Joseph Ratzinger who is a Roman Catholic cardinal, he claimed that there is only one true Church and that is the Catholic Church which he explained it as the Church of Christ. Although during the time of Pope John Paul II, he said that what Dominus Iesus said was not a disrespect to protestantism but Protestant Churches reacted to his statement in an odd manner.

The question about one true Church rose during the period when the Roman Catholic Church was concerned about religious relativism, this was what made Dominus Iesus to say that there was only one true Catholic and Apostolic Church, the basic question now is, does it really matter which Church a person goes to or belongs to?

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