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One Thing Prophet Elisha Rejected But Contemporary Pastors Are Preaching And Practicing Today

Prophet Elisha is a popular prophet in the Bible who took the mantle from his master prophet Elijah, or Elsias. He was so passionate about his masters anointing that he followed him to the point where he was taken to heaven. Elisha got Elijah's mantle at the end which made his ministry so remarkable.

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With the mantle, he manifested the power so well. He was known for signs and wonders all over the region, given the reason Naaman came to him for solution. In this article we shall be talking about one thing he rejected, but the present day prophets preach and practice.

It's about the story of Elisha and Naaman in the Bible. This story is so conversant with almost every Christian that even a little children knows it. The former offered the latter a gift as an appreciation for healing him of his leprosy. In response, he rejected it.

You all know how Gehazi, the servant of Elisha came into the picture and got his fingers burnt. Now, why did Elisha reject those gifts? Imagine how awkward, Naaman had felt having his freewill gift rejected. Elisha was probably aware of such feelings, he couldn't risk disobeying God.

It's disobedience to God by a prophet to demand or even accept a gift from their subjects or beneficiaries, especially after blessing the. They didn't accept freewill gifts, neither did they demand it from their subjects or followers.

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However, in the present age, pastors teach their congregation the need to reward prophets who blesses them. They call it "prophet offering", and tie it to one of the conditions necessary for receiving blessing from God. How they got here is what I can not explain.

Some will cite Elijah and the Samaritan woman. The story has it that Elijah met a woman on his way to a mission, very hungry. He demanded that the woman offer him some food. The woman complained of having the last meal she and her son will eat and then die. Elijah instead miraculously multiplied her supply.

The truth here is that Elijah in his passage didn't preach to the woman. He was hungry and needed to eat. He decided to pity the woman and bless her with his miraclous powers. It's totally a different thing from the "project offering" they teach us today.

Please hear me today, project offering is not Godly, that was why prophets rejected it. Let me tell you what it means. It simply means that you are selling or buying the blessings of God.

God hates it when you want to get from your followers in exchange for blessings. God doesn't sell His blessings and do not want you to sell it either. And to you readers, don't expect blessings when you give, not even when you give to your pastors.

Expecting something in the name of prophet offering nonsense of the essence of giving. Also expecting blessings from the prophet makes it look like God is not faithful. Let your gift to your pastors and everyone be a genuine one, with no string attached.

It should be like an obligation that should be done whether you like it or not. Although, your children will eventually grow up to assist, but you don't expect anything from them soonest. That's what giving to your pastor should be like.

Don't tie blessings to it because God have mercy for whom he will have mercy. It is not a function of giving to any prophet. Try to give everything good to your pastor just like you will to your children, but don't ever expect blessings.

I don't know if your belief align with mine. Please come to the comment box let's know how this article met you. Also share to more people and like as well.

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