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3 Groups Of People You Should Beware Of If You Are A Good Bible Student

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Life is full of lessons; lessons we learn through experience and those we learn from the lives of others. The ultimate essence of learning is to help us make the right decisions, that will lead to the actualization of our dreams. 

Many good people are planted along the pathways of life that can boost our success if we learn and master good relationships with them. However, the pathways of life are also saturated with many bad people we must learn to avoid if we will ever achieve our dreams. 

The Holy Bible being one of the oldest books in existence and also the sacred writings of Christianity have highlighted, on various occasions, certain bad personalities that should be avoided in the journey of life. Below are three of such groups of individuals.

Rehoboam's Friends 

A lot of people have lost great opportunities because of this category of individuals. One dangerous aspect about this group of companions is, they are not easily detected until they have successfully orchestrated their plots. They are like the Biblical friends of King Solomon's son, Rehoboam

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In the 12th chapter of 1 King, the Bible recorded how Rehoboam's friends gave him disastrous advice that led to the unfortunate division of his kingdom. In that story, it was narrated of how the people had approached the young king Rehoboam, requesting that he cut down on the burdens his father has placed on the people. Rehoboam decided to seek counsel from his friends, and their counsel brought misfortune to his kingdom. 

Many friends and colleagues are playing this mischievous role in the lives of many people today, giving them counsel that will terminate their dream. Be watchful, if you detect any of them around you, withdraw yourself.

Ahithophel's Group 

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Ahithophels are very productive and intelligent companions. They can be relied on for good counsel and helping hands. The trust they earn through their excellent service makes them good options to tell secrets, thereby having access to classified information. 

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The sad truth about this group is that they are betrayers. They can betray anyone at the slightest critical moment. A good example was Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ and David's counselor, Ahithophel. See 2nd Samuel 15:12–31.

Potiphar's Wife Group 

Those in this group are dream extinguishers. They manifest in many ways, trying to use their advantage to lure people out of the footpaths of destiny. They can either seduce the opposite gender, persuade or initiate their prey into doing things that will violate their dreams. 

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Potiphar's wive group has the ability to forecast people's future and do everything possible to distract them from fulfilling their glorious destinies. Many young people are drug addicts, criminals, and prostitutes in society today because of this deceptive group of individuals.

In conclusion, if you detect any of these groups of people around you, run for your life. But if you feel you are not supposed to run, please share with us what you will do, in the comments section below.

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