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How To Measure Your Zakat Al-Fitr And All You Need To Know About It

Zakat Al-Fitr is a Zakah which is given at the end of the month of Ramadan by every Muslim, small or old, male or female, whether free or a slave.

The Zakat is for two purposes: purification of one's fasting for any vain speech or indecent behavior and to serve as food for the needy during Eidul Fitri.

According to Prophet Muhammad (saw), the Zakah is compulsory on every Muslim, young or old, male or female. Everyone who has surplus food after catering for his needs on the day and night of Eid.

The Zakah should be given to the needy one or two days before Eid prayer and should not be delayed till after Eid.

Many Islamic scholars agreed that the Zakah should be given to poor Muslims, non-muslims can also benefit from it.

What should be given? According to Prophet Muhammad, food items should be used for the Zakah. However, scholars have argued that money can also be used for Zakah Al-Fitr. The prophet said food because money wasn't common during his lifetime.

How to measure Zakah Al-Fit: Pay four Mudu (equivalent to 14 tins of milk) on each person. You can use food items such as rice, beans, garri, millets, etc. Four Mudu is equivalent to modern-day 2.25kg.

If you want to use money, you will convert the food item into the equivalent amount and give it to the needy.

See the details of the food items below.

Source: Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation

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