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Say this little prayer before going out, you will surely have a blessed day.

It's not a new thing to pray in our various homes before going out for our daily activities. Every one has to pray to God in order to have a good and favorable day and this has been known to always bring good news and achievement to individuals.

Here are some prayers to pray before leaving our homes to our various daily jobs and I believe God will answer our prayers.

1) As have witness a new day,let my day be fruitful.

2) As I set out today for my work let me receive favor from all angles.

3) This new day let it bring me blessings in all my endeavors

4) Every thing I set my hands on today let it continue to prosper

5) Every opportunity that is coming to my way today let it yield a positive impact in my life

Here also are some prophetic word to bless your day

- As you set out today the blessings of the Lord will locate you

- As your leave your home for your various works the favor of the Lord will locate you

- Everything that you place your hands on today shall yield increase

- As you set out for work Goodness and mercy shall locate you

- All your heart desires shall be granted to you today by God's grace.

May you have a blessed day.

Share and comments as the Lord blesses you. Stay blessed

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