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What Philippians 3:21 Has to Say about the Fate of All Believers in Christ

The most comforting thing about the Word of God is the message of hope that it has for those who put the trust in Him. The gospel accounts, as well as the epistles of the apostles, have all be inspired by the Holy Spirit to give strength and encouragement to those believers in Christ who may be wondering what their fate after death and in their present sufferings would be.

Therefore, the book of Philippians is also one of the letters of the New testament, through Paul, to the Church at Philippi wherein he hoped to let the people understand how the humility of the nature of Christ is not a suffering but a blessing.

What Philippians 3:21 then has to say is that each believer who departs this life, or gives up the ghost, will have his or her body transformed into the same glorious body as that of Christ Jesus when He resurrected.

A glorious body or a glorified body is different from a natural body according to 1Corinthians 15:44–46. A glorious body is the body that is given to every soul that has been resurrected in Christ, yet this body is not part of this physical creation. It is the kind of body that angels possess which will inherit the kingdom of God, which death, Satan or sin cannot overcome again.

This is the hope of every of christian that the Bible has to say to encourage them to not give up in being humble and like Christ Jesus in their mode of life.

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