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The Selfish Quest For Religion Supremacy & Dominance In Northern Nigeria.

Musa Affos (Rhapsodi)

First of all I would like to say I am a northerner from Taraba and am proud of where I come from. But with a heavy heart this morning, I begin this small piece, hope you understand & get the intent behind this write-up. Come along.

Religion is supposed to be a guide, a path way to every mortal being. It is intended to be like a traffic light on the highway so as to offer direction for safe landing into eternity.

It's very disheartening that the sole aim of religion has been bastardized in the north by ill doctrines, wrong teachings and selfishness. Most of the crises in Northern Nigeria are 85% religious crises, religious inclined or related, because we have allowed ourselves to be blinded, brainwashed and separated along religious lines by either our parents, leaders and even spiritual leaders.

Sometimes I wonder if the word 'Religion' exists only in the north, If you want to see how religious a man is, just come to the North. Blood brothers kill themselves just because of religion, something you weren't born with we all came & met it here on earth. Don't forget that you been a Christian, had it been you were born into a Muslim family you would have still be a Muslim & vice versa.

Check the Yoruba’s out, they are known by their tribe and not by their religion but a northerner is identified only by his religion, for example: A Muslim Yoruba man can marry a Christian lady & allow his children go to church comfortably without having a second thought and the family will go smoothly, and even vice versa but such things can't happen in the north. Why? We value our religion even more than our blood & culture. We are unnecessarily being too religious to an extent we think we are fighting for God not knowing we are foolishly doing our will.

We fear being dominated and ruled by the other religion, our orientation from the basis is faulty, because some parents from a very early stage have already sown evil seeds into their kids by making them see anyone who isn’t from the same faith with them as an enemy.

This evil quest of religion dominance and supremacy has ignited a calamitous beginning and if not properly handled, it will lead to a very catastrophic end, there are places you go in the north and you can’t be proud of your religion just because you are scared of been killed or even butchered all because of religion fanaticism & bigotry. You can't be admitted in certain universities except your religion aligns with that of the incumbent governor. Even if you get admitted certain courses are reserved on religious basis.

Our spiritual leaders know the truth but are blinded by the quest for dominance and supremacy and fear of being inferior to the other religion. They preach and call for peace using the speakers and microphone but speak war, hatred & fanaticism inside. Most religious leaders are far from being practical realists instead they do more of impractical activism. Just speaking for speaking sake is what I call hypocritical lips service.

The importance of peace & having a harmonious existence cannot be over emphasized, it's not some sort of Oriental hyperbole; where it is only said to get over the point. Peace is a paramount thing, it is the panacea for development and the bedrock in which any meaningful development can be built upon.

What took days, weeks, months and years to be built can be destroyed in just few minutes of violence and crisis; It’s not a thing of surprise that we have the highest number of undeveloped states and towns compared to other region, our peace is often been tampered with by our quest for religion dominance and supremacy. Even a few developments may end up being destroyed if this evil quest continues.

My fellow northerners for how long shall we continue to vote people who aren’t active, fit and capable just because we are from the same faith?

How long shall we continue to see people from other religions as our enemy?

For how long shall we seek dominance over other people’s religion, Plan evil against other religion & Propagate false rumor with no basis just to make our religion looks better and unique with the aim of luring others?

How long shall we kill ourselves all in the name of religion?

We can't continue this way! someone got to have some sense, someone got to have value and respect for humanity.

Most leaders of this great nation, Nigeria are from the north even from the military regime to the incumbency and even the presidential aspirants of the leading political parties. But it's pathetic that the north has the relative highest number of underdevelopment, illiteracy. See what we have done to ourselves in the name of religion. What good has religion fanaticism done to us?

We do evil and cover it up, we kill our fellow humans and justify it using religion. Funny enough one can be very religious or be a religious fanatic and yet you are not even serving God/Allah, so who is deceiving who?

Martin Luther King once said "Whether Black or white, Christians or Muslims if we don't live together as brothers, we will perish together as fools".

Putting side our tribes, religion or states we were firstly created as humans. Let's see & treat ourselves as such.

Musa Affos (Rhapsodi) is a blogger, social media activist.

Affos Writes from Federal University Wukari.



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