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Opinion: My Advice To David Oyedepo, David Ibiyiome, and Paul Eneche Over Daddy Freeze

Opinion: My Advice To David Oyedepo, David Ibiyiome, and Paul Eneche Over Daddy Freeze

The misconduct from Daddy Freeze towards the anointed well can be likened to a childish act. Daddy Freeze has been a tough man who has not seen another sector of the country to criticize. He has always found joy to attack and also talk back at the minister of the Gospel. He is still doing that to feel like he understands more scriptures than those who have been in ministry for many years. Some people have even said, that why can't he criticize the government officials and the politicians? At least they have been inflicting pains on the masses, and he can even slam the other side of religion. He has just decided to show that he knows it all and has taken it as a hobby to castigate pastors.

I often don't know why people love to play with fire by talking down or talking back at pastors for whatever they do. The fact remains that you are not their caller or master; they all have and would report to their master. Funnily the things we complain or criticize God's servant about do not have any meaning to God. If it does, then God would have corrected the person involved. God is ever-loving and wants his children to enjoy it. He will make sure that what has been given to his children by his correct and called pastors will be of nutritional benefit to their spiritual growth, which will even cut across their whole lives.

What has happened has happened, the Yoruba people will say the small cannot eat pap and won't stain his or her hands, and another one says that if we correct a child with the right hand, we draw him or her to oneself using the left hand. Let us admit that Daddy Freeze has been childish, which is a fact because he is not up to Bishop David Oyedepo; he is old enough to give birth to him, and not He is old enough to be his elder brother. And he hasn't had the experience that David Oyedepo has had.

My advice is that Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, David Ibiyiome of Salvation Ministries, and Paul Eneche of Dunamis International should use their left hand to draw Daddy Freeze back and forgive, and also preach Christ to him. As I feel that's what he needs at this time.

Many people who support his act before have now backed out as he has crossed the boundary by calling Bishop Oyedepo the name he called him. He needs correction and should be corrected or chastised. So let him be forgiven by the clergymen, as that will grant the Pastors respect and honor.

Daddy Freeze should be warned by his fans too, as the path he's treading can finally mar his life.

This is my piece of advice to the fathers, let him be forgiven, and be blessed from their hearts.

Thanks for reading.

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