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3 Things Noticed From How Gospel Artists Recently Work With Pastor Kumuyi

For some time now, we have witnessed the regular participation of popular gospel artists in the majority of the open crusades or any other special church programmes Pastor Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church, anchors. 

Photo Credit: Instagram//DCLM

More recently is the presence of international and local gospel singers like Don Moen, Nathaniel BasseyFrank EdwardKenny Kore and others. 

In what many will see as a new adjustment of practices, for Deeper Life Church and its founder, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, who is famous for his holiness preaching and non-compromising of standards; many used to believe that he doesn't relate with other ministers of the gospel outside his church or allow outside singers in his church programmes except his church choristers only.

However, the recent participation of some gospel ministers, and especially, gospel artists working side by side with him recently reveal more truth than fallacies or rhetorics, as we observed the points below:

Photo Credit: DCLM

Photo Credit: DCLM

1. Gain the attention of larger crowd to reach out with the gospel

I believe part of Kumuyi's strategy to reach out to a larger group of people is to also use famous names that the people recognize and like. 

As an intelligent and wise preacher of the gospel that Pastor Kumuyi is, he works his principles and strategies of reaching out to a larger crowd on the current trends and information, even though many might think he is old-fashioned. 

Kumuyi is known to be a man of vision with a passion to win souls for Christ, however he understands that to grow the mission, the people must be reached out to. How then can you reach out to people unless they are ready to accept you, and how can people accept you when you don't first give them what they want? 

Deeper Life Choir and Nathaniel Bassey// Photo Credit: DCLM

2. Correcting certain impressions about the church- Deeper Life 

Many people have the erroneous beliefs that Deeper Life is biased when it comes to accommodating another set of worshippers to minister in their church. 

Kumuyi, allowing American gospel singer Don-Moen at Enugu's crusade and Nathaniel Bassey at the "Divine Touch" programme in Abuja should have erased any of those erroneous beliefs already.  

Photo Credit: DCLM

3. Allowing for fellowship of Christian bodies. 

Again, an important thing we noticed as Pastor Kumuyi invites non-regular gospel singers (singers not from his church) to minister during his aired programmes that has been connecting people internationally, is that it has helped the church, Deeper Christian Life Ministry to fellowship with many other Christian bodies, not just in Nigeria, but all over the world.

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