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What many Christians don't understand about the calling of Genesis (Isreal Ogundipe)

So many people don't really know about the calling of Isreal Ogundipe the shepherd in charge of Genesis Global international who was recently sent to jail over fraud case which transpired between him and mrs Laide Williams over 11 million Naira. This year alone the pastor of Celestial Church Of Christ has set up some committee twice this year because of Oladele Isreal Ogundipe over some allegations against him. The bible also said "For all have sin and fall short of the glory of God".

Many people have comment about him in bad ways and good ways. One thing I want us to understand is this God don't pick is Prophet among the saint. And his calling most time comes before repentance. And I want us to look at the trying time of Israel ogundipe in 2007. He believes on human so much that the flesh used him like the time of Adam and eve. Trying time of all called prophet can not be corner. This is Ogundipe trying time, The spirit of God have Harding the Heart of Ogundipe. How much is 11milion that he can not pay. We should stop conderming genesis, his our brother and His part of us. What he needs now is our prayer.Mrs laide Williams God use you to bring back genesis to track. in prison he will live an holy life. No man can corner the trying time of of God. All elders of ccc should not see this as a plus to them.

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