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Prophetic Declarations From Pastor Adeboye

Pastor E. A. Adeboye spoke at the RCCG London Festival of Life 2021, which is tagged 'A New Dawn.' He said that when he was preparing for the meeting, he asked God if He had a word or two for someone and He spoke. He said that he had to claim them for himself You can claim your own here,

Someone who listened to us is heading for the best year of his or her life.

He said He is going to raise someone to fill the gap left by somebody else in your life. I think someone must have a void, He said He is bringing someone.

He said someone is listening who is very close to depression, He asked me to tell the fellow, that he will soon be leaping for joy.

He said son what is your definition of wonder and I gave the definition we have always given including the funny one I heard several years ago. Someone said a wonder is that which causes you to wonder, another person said a wonder is that which causes you to open your mouth and you will not be able to shut it. He said someone will soon say now I know the true meaning of wonder.

He said there is someone, your family will soon welcome the first set of twins.

He said someone is listening to us tonight, He said the tragedy has become almost normal, that ends tonight.

He said someone is listening to us tonight, your family used to be well known for witch doctors, He asked me to tell you your family will soon produce a world Evangelist.

He said someone will soon sing 'it is well with my soul'.

He showed me a vision, I saw water damp and as I looked closely I saw on the wall of the damp a crack and as I watched, water began to drip through the crack and the crack was getting bigger and bigger so more and more water was flowing.

The Lord asked me to tell someone, the damp that has been holding down your blessings has already suffered a crack and before the end of the year, the blessing will start at a trickle but it will keep on increasing and increasing.

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