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4 reasons why you should consider marrying a Church girl

While some may not want to marry a church girl, I have reasons to advise you against that. To those who wouldn't want to, they probably have their reasons but today, I want to give you reasons to disagree with them. You might be asking "Who is a Church girl?". Well, I think it is proper for you to know the meaning of a Church girl in this context.


A Church girl in this context and according to the Cambridge Dictionary refers to a woman who is actively involved in the Church or who is a priest or official in the Church.

This means not all Christian ladies are Church girls. When a lady is actively involved in Church activities like being in the Choir, the Youth for Christ Fellowship, Ushering department, Children Ministry, etc, she can be said to be a Church girl. Why should someone advise you against marrying such a girl? Here are 4 reasons why you should marry a Church girl.

1. She is God-fearing.

Since she spends most of her time in the Church, she must have been used to the teachings and instructions of God. You can easily get a humble wife who will be submissive to her husband from the Church. This is because any woman who fears God would respect her husband. Try one today and a trial would convince you.

2. She would hardly cheat on you.

I'm not saying church girls don't cheat but there is a high possibility of getting a wife that doesn't cheat from the Church than the World. Since they have the fear of God and don't cheat on God (Serve other God), they are likely not to cheat on you as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a wife that won't cheat on you, try a church girl.

3. She would give your children better training.

Training up a child in a godly way is always very difficult because of the things involved. It takes a godly person to train a child in a godly way so when you marry a church girl, you might be rest assured. Since she is used to the things of the Lord, her children would also take after her. I'm sure you know that the kids learn from their mother first.

4. She will lead you to Christ.

If you are not the type that is serious with the things of God, if you marry a church girl, she can lead you to Christ. She can't watch you staying at home when you are supposed to go to Church. She would teach you how to become prayerful and become an addicted Christian. If you are not strong in God and you marry a wife that is not strong in God, both of you are in trouble.

Any objection? Do you have anything against Church girls? Please share.

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