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Pastor Paul Enenche Warns Fellow Pastors Who Are Not Patient Enough To Wait For God's Manifestation

Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre spoke on "Fulfiling The Ministry” How I Came To Be Anointed Conference, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Ministries, Accra, Ghana. He spoke about what it takes to fulfil the ministry. It is one thing to be called, it is another thing to fulfil the calling, yet it is still another thing to make full proof of the calling.

According to him, Inadequate preparation is one of the levels of diagnosis Pastors need to avoid before going into ministry. Preparation precedes manifestation. When Moses attempted to go and deliver his brethren before it was time, he attempted to move and when it came to his heart to visit his brethren, he saw an Egyptian fighting an Israelite. He killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand and the following day he returned and he saw two brethren fighting and the one that wronged the other one said to him, Exodus 2:14, who made you a prince and a judge over us? Nobody is permitted to lead without being made. preparation process?

According to him, the first thing to do is to receive the ministry. God gives you the calling, the next thing is to take heed to it, prepare for it, prepare your life and the next thing is to step into manifestation. He said that there are many people that have not been made and they're trying to lead, there are many people who have not been manufactured.

Unfortunately, most pastors cannot wait for that processing and that's what makes false prophets and false apostles. What you passed through to be where you are, you want to bypass it, you want to reach here at once, you want to step into the field and see this crusade crowd on the same day. They want to start speaking and declaring so that things can be happening at the same time, they think that God is too slow, so they bypass the process and look for a means of getting the miracle and crowd outside of God.

Finally, he said that for a ministry of three and half years, Jesus prepared for 30 years and claimed that there are many people who are using three and half years to prepare for thirty years of ministry. "Please, even if you're in a hurry; hurry slowly, let God be through with you, we cannot be more zealous than God. Inadequate preparation could be the reason why somebody is genuinely called and yet completely frustrated," he said.

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